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Name Last update Registered Description
jpeg-turbo 1.3.1, a year ago2014-Jan-21D bindings to libjpeg-turbo
dstep 0.2.2, a year ago2014-Jan-21A tool for translating C and Objective-C headers to D modules
dstack 0.0.5, a year ago2014-Jan-21An application library for the D programming language
mambo 0.0.7, a year ago2014-Jan-21A utility library for the D programming language
ctini 0.2.1, 3 years ago2014-Jan-21A compile-time and run-time INI parser.
three-d ~master, 2 years ago2014-Jan-20A high performance 3D Graphics Engine.
derelict_extras-opencl 1.2.1, 3 years ago2014-Jan-19A dynamic binding to the OpenCL library.
pyd 0.9.9, 9 months ago2014-Jan-17Pyd is a library for the D programming language that wraps the raw Python/C API with a cleaner, si…
derelict_extras-escapi ~master, 11 months ago2014-Jan-16A dynamic binding to the escapi library.
ddmp 0.0.1-0.dev.2, 2 years ago2014-Jan-14D port of the diff-match-patch library
d2sqlite3 0.13.1, 5 months ago2014-Jan-13A thin wrapper around SQLite3
dmocks-revived ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-12A mocking framework for the D programming language
x11 1.0.19, a month ago2014-Jan-09Bindings to X11 for the D programming language
tcltk 8.6.5, 2 years ago2014-Jan-09Bindings to Tcl/Tk for the D programming language
pubsub-d ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-09Publish/Subscribe implementation for D
dil ~master, 2 years ago2014-Jan-06A compiler for D written in D.
test_repos 0.0.7, 3 years ago2014-Jan-04Test repository.
cookbook ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-03A port of cookbook-hs to D.
process-stats ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-03Functionality for gathering statistics about subprocesses.
quantities 0.5.1, 10 months ago2014-Jan-02A library to work with quantities and units

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