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mir-blas 0.1.0, 4 days ago2017-May-26NDSLICE wrapper for BLAS
mir-lapack 0.0.5, 4 days ago2017-May-26NDSLICE wrapper for LAPACK
dmagick 0.2.1, 8 months ago2017-May-25An ImageMagick binding for the D Programming Language.
qrcode 1.4.0, 23 days ago2017-May-24QRCode writen in D programming lanuage.
neocitiesd 0.1.0, 9 months ago2017-May-21A library for Neocities written in D
bsdiff 1.0.0-alpha.1, 9 months ago2017-May-21Binary diff and patch algorithm
xymodem 0.0.3, 8 months ago2017-May-20YMODEM sender protocol implementation
cuda_d 0.1.0, 9 months ago2017-May-17D bindings for CUDA
libpafe4d 0.0.1, 9 months ago2017-May-17a binding of libpafe for d
harbored-mod 0.2.1, 9 months ago2017-May-16A documentation generator for D with support for both DDoc and Markdown in documentation comments.
dssg 0.2.0, 8 months ago2017-May-16A simple static site generator written in D.
argsd 0.4.1, 2 months ago2017-May-16A command line argument and config file parser
ctprimes 1.0.0, 9 months ago2017-May-15Prime numbers available at compile-time using CTFE.
yatol 0.0.1-alpha.4, 2 months ago2017-May-15YATOL is Yet Another TOy Language
divide 0.1.0, 9 months ago2017-May-14A port of libdivide to D (with appropriate D APIs, like ctor and operator overloading)
datefmt 1.0.2, 2 months ago2017-May-14Datetime parsing and formatting
fontconfig 1.1.0, 9 months ago2017-May-09fontconfig bindings
profdump 0.4.2, 9 months ago2017-May-06Converts profiler output to DOT graph, JSON or human-readable plain text
ocean-d2 3.1.2+d2.auto, 9 months ago2017-May-06Ocean is general purpose library with a focus on supporting the development of high-performance, r…
nogc 0.0.1, 10 months ago2017-Apr-28Utilities to write @nogc code

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