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Name Last update Registered Description
flexiblemarshal 0.0.1, a year ago2016-Jun-09A flexible marshaller/demarshaller for D.
midltod-d 0.0.1, a year ago2016-Jun-08Tool written in the D Programming Language to convert Microsoft Interface Definition Language file…
drepl 0.1.2, a year ago2016-Jun-08A D interpreter.
easing 2.2.3, 5 months ago2016-Jun-07A library that add flavor to motion in D programming language.
modernui 0.0.1, a year ago2016-Jun-07A minimal D application.
lxc 1.0.0, a year ago2016-Jun-05Deimos Bindings for lxc.
hash 0.1.0, a year ago2016-Jun-04A Hash datatype for key => value pairs.
portaudio 1.0.2, 11 months ago2016-May-31Deimos bindings for portaudio.
libmemcached 1.1.0, 8 months ago2016-May-30memcached extern(C) client for D
button 0.1.2, a year ago2016-May-30A build system that aims to be correct, scalable, and robust.
i3ipc-d 0.0.1, a year ago2016-May-28D library for communicating with the i3 window manager
vcr 0.1.0, a year ago2016-May-27Valgrind cleint requests for D.
elfhook 0.2.0, a year ago2016-May-27monkey patching for shared object.
sharedlib 0.1.0, a year ago2016-May-27Dynamic linking and loading utilities
httpparserd 0.0.1, a year ago2016-May-26A minimal D application.
liblzma 0.0.1, 2 years ago2016-May-26Bindings for XZ Utils, a free general-purpose data compression software with high compression rati…
database 0.0.14, 28 days ago2016-May-25Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite.
derelict-libui 0.3.0, a year ago2016-May-22A dynamic binding to the libui library.
nat-opener 0.2.0, a year ago2016-May-21Allows a server to listen on the specified port when behind a router.
darjeeling 0.3.0, a year ago2016-May-20A library for functional data types in D.

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