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Name Last update Registered Description
magic-d 1.0.2, a year ago2014-Nov-26D binding around magic number recognition library
dfix 0.3.2, 4 months ago2014-Nov-21Tool for automatically upgrading D source code
ae 0.0.2042, 24 days ago2014-Nov-19CyberShadow's ArmageddonEngine utilites for almost everything
dini 2.0.0, a year ago2014-Nov-15INI-like format parser written in D.
de_image 1.0.1, 7 days ago2014-Nov-14Image loading and exporting Devisualization
avgtime 0.5.0, 3 years ago2014-Nov-10Like unix 'time' command, but with repetitions, median, std deviation.
de_window 0.1.3, 2 years ago2014-Nov-07Provides window and OpenGL context creation cross platform.
desmc 0.1.1, 3 years ago2014-Nov-06D Extended Set MoCapture
dco 0.1.2, 2 years ago2014-Nov-05dco is a build tool, it can be built by DUB and Visual Studio .NET(such as VS 2010).
dinotify 0.2.1, 3 years ago2014-Nov-04Simple D interface for inotify (Linux file events monitoring)
digestx 0.2.2, 3 years ago2014-Nov-02Digest algorithm implementations with APIs conforming to std.digest
des 1.4.1, 2 years ago2014-Nov-01D Extended Set: OpenGL wrap, window with SDL2, etc
dinodave 0.3.0, 12 days ago2014-Oct-28A libnodave binding for D
sizefmt 0.3.1, 2 years ago2014-Oct-26A small library to format file sizes.
enet-tutorials 0.1.0, 3 years ago2014-Oct-24D ENet client/server tutorials
logging 0.3.0, 3 years ago2014-Oct-20simple logging library
endovena 0.3.4, 7 months ago2014-Oct-18Simple D Dependency Injection Framework
derelict-cuda 3.1.0, 4 months ago2014-Oct-16A dynamic binding to the CUDA API.
udis86-d 1.7.2-1, 3 years ago2014-Oct-15udis86 disassembler library wrapper
simple_matrix 0.3.1, 3 years ago2014-Oct-15Simple matrix implementation

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