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color 0.0.5, a year ago2015-Jun-24Color library for the D programming language
colored 0.0.5, a month ago2017-Jul-03A minimalistic console coloring library.
colored-logger 0.1.0, 2 years ago2015-Dec-15Colored logger for TTY
colorize 1.0.5, 3 years ago2014-Jul-10A port of Ruby's colorize library to D.
colourfulmoon 1.0.2, a year ago2016-Feb-13Paint you terminal!
commander 1.0.3, a year ago2015-Oct-25Command-line interfaces in D made easy. Easy command-line parsing based in commander.js.
commando 0.1.1, 10 months ago2016-Nov-11A more robust command line argument parser.
compile-time-unittest 0.0.3, 9 months ago2015-Apr-17A minimal mixin template which enables build-in unittests to run at compile time.
concepts 0.0.7, 21 days ago2016-Dec-16Concepts for D
consoled 1.0.4, a year ago2015-Mar-17Because colors are awesome.
consoleur 0.1.0, 15 days ago2017-Sep-08Basic library for POSIX terminal IO
containers 0.2.2, 2 years ago2015-Dec-31Containers that do not use the GC
cookbook ~master, 3 years ago2014-Jan-03A port of cookbook-hs to D.
couched ~master, 3 years ago2014-Feb-24CouchDB client
coverd 1.0.0, a year ago2016-Jun-13Code coverage HTML reporter for language D listings
covered 1.0.0-rc.2, 24 days ago2017-Jul-31Processes output of code coverage analysis
cpython 1.0.0-beta6, a year ago2016-Feb-02static bindings to the CPython C API
crash-game 0.1.1, 3 months ago2017-Jun-17Some clone of an arcade game
credexil 0.9.2, 2 months ago2017-Jul-17Keep database credentials outside the sourcecode
cryption 0.0.7, 28 days ago2017-Aug-17A D Library of encryption, decryption, encode, hash, and message digital signatures.

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