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Name Last update Registered Description
dunit 1.0.14, 2 years ago2013-Oct-02Advanced unit testing toolkit for the D programming language
duod 1.2.1, 3 years ago2015-Feb-23Duo asset management integration.
dusybox 0.2.1, 5 months ago2017-Sep-09My own busybox
dutil 0.0.2, a year ago2016-Apr-08A util lib
dvm 0.4.4, 3 years ago2015-Sep-13A tool for installing and managing D compilers
dwt 1.0.0+swt-3.4.1, 13 days ago2018-Feb-06A library for creating cross-platform GUI applications.
dwtlib 3.2.5, 3 days ago2017-Apr-17The dub package for dwt
dwttool 0.2.0, 8 months ago2017-May-26A tool to manage websites based on Dynamic Web Templates
dxml 0.2.3, 7 days ago2018-Feb-09An XML parser and writer written in D.
dxorshift 0.1.0, 2 years ago2016-May-15Random number generators from the extended Xorshift family
dyaml 0.6.5, 20 days ago2013-Feb-25YAML parser and emitter
dyaml-yamlserialized 0.6.0, 2 years ago2016-Dec-10YAML parser and emitter
dynamic 0.9.4, 7 days ago2017-Oct-15Generates dynamic bindings from static bindings at compile time
dython 0.1.0, 6 months ago2017-Aug-11D code preprocessor that adds significant whitespace support.
dzmq ~master, 5 years ago2013-Nov-23A D wrapper around the ZeroMQ C bindings
easing 2.2.3, 7 months ago2016-Jun-07A library that add flavor to motion in D programming language.
east_asian_width 1.0.0, 11 months ago2017-Mar-25Unicode library for getting East Asian Width property
easyenum 1.0.0, 3 years ago2015-Nov-30Functions for easily handling long enum operations.
easymeshed 0.0.5, 2 years ago2016-Oct-20D implementation of easyMesh
elasticsearch-d 1.0.7, 2 years ago2016-Jan-31A D Elasticsearch library with an API similar to the official Elasticsearch packages for other lan…

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