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Name Last update Registered Description
isitthere 0.2.8, 10 months ago2017-Jan-06A tool that generates perfect hash sets
itertools 1.1.0, a year ago2016-Feb-26Additional range primitives for iteration
ithoxd-qrcode 1.2.2, a year ago2015-Nov-10qrcode writen in dlang.
iup 0.0.8, a year ago2016-Jul-13Deimos-like binding to IUP, Portable graphical User Interface
iupd 3.18.3, a year ago2016-Jun-22D interface of IUP
iz 0.6.2, 22 days ago2015-Dec-09streams, property descriptor, serializer, binder, etc.
jack 1.0.1, 2 years ago2014-Jun-08Idiomatic D API binding for the JACK Audio Connection Kit
jax 0.1.0, 2 years ago2015-Sep-10A mustache-like template compiler for D
jaypha-base 1.0.5, a year ago2015-Apr-16Generic code and definitions used in many Jaypha projects.
jaypha-inet 0.9.5, 2 years ago2015-Apr-16A struct for sending emails. Includes structures for handling IMF/MIME documents.
jemallocd 0.1.1, 8 months ago2017-Mar-03Typed D allocators based on jemalloc
jin-go 1.0.5, a year ago2016-Mar-27Thread-pooled coroutines with lock-free staticaly typed communication channels
jin-tree 3.0.0, a year ago2015-Jan-26Tree - simple fast compact user-readable binary-safe extensible structural format
jive 0.2.0, 3 months ago2017-Aug-08Container library with value semantics.
jpeg-turbo 1.3.1, a year ago2014-Jan-21D bindings to libjpeg-turbo
json 0.2.0, 6 months ago2015-Dec-22A JSON parsing and validation library.
jsonizer 0.7.4, 3 months ago2015-Feb-02Flexible JSON serializer requiring minimal boilerplate
jsonserialized 0.2.1, 11 months ago2016-Feb-17JSON serialization library for std_data_json. Easily serialize/deserialize structs to/from a JSONV…
jsonwrap 1.0.1, a month ago2016-Mar-02Just a simple wrap over dlang std.json
judy 1.0.1, a year ago2015-Nov-15Judy Arrays - efficient sparse arrays - bindings/wrappers for the D Programming Language

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