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Name Last update Registered Description
pack-d 1.0.1, a year ago2014-Mar-09Binary I/O helper
painlessjson 1.3.8, a year ago2015-Jan-20Converting custom types to and from JSON the painless way.
painlesstraits 0.3.0, a year ago2015-Oct-17User-defined attribute convenience functions
pango-d 0.0.2, 2 years ago2015-Mar-17pango bindings and object oriented wrappers for D
parsed 0.4.3, 2 months ago2017-Jun-20A library for text parsing.
pathlib 0.3.0, 2 years ago2015-May-22Object oriented path manipulation.
pattern 1.0.1, a year ago2016-Mar-20Templated types for string pattern matching and lexers.
pbkdf2 0.1.2, 8 months ago2016-Apr-03PBKDF2 implementation for D
pc ~default, 3 years ago2013-Dec-31Precise console calculator.
pc4d 1.0.0, 2 years ago2015-Nov-10A parser combinator library.
pdcurses-d 1.0.0, 2 months ago2017-Sep-09D bindings for PDCurses
pegged 0.4.2, 7 months ago2013-Mar-08Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) generator
pfft 1.0.3, 4 months ago2017-Jun-23Fast, in place power of two split format FFT library.
pgator 0.3.11, a month ago2016-Jan-04Application server that transforms JSON-RPC calls into SQL queries for PostgreSQL
pgator-backend 0.2.5, 2 years ago2014-Sep-26Lightweight wrapper for PostgreSQL with binary protocol conversion to BSON and asynchronous connec…
pgc 0.1.2, 2 months ago2017-Feb-06Proleptic Gregorian calendar.
phabricator-d-api 1.0.0, 3 months ago2017-Mar-18An implementation of the phabricator conduit API for D.
phidget_binding 0.1.0, 8 months ago2017-Mar-13A binding to Phidgets c API
phlogiston 2.0.2, a year ago2016-Jul-28Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) assembler / disassembler.
phobos-next 0.2.0, 2 months ago2016-Apr-10Various reusable D code.

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