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ocean-d2 3.1.2+d2.auto, 9 months ago2017-May-06Ocean is general purpose library with a focus on supporting the development of high-performance, r…
oculus-d-rift 0.1.0, 4 years ago2014-Mar-13A D binding to the Oculus Rift API.
office365-d 0.2.0, a year ago2017-Jan-11Office 365 REST API written in D
ogl_gen 1.0.0, 9 months ago2017-May-27A minimal D application.
ons-data 0.0.3, 2 years ago2016-Apr-20Template based D-library for handling bidǵ data in table structures
onyx-config 2.0.9, 2 months ago2014-Feb-14Configuration data processing in run-time.
onyx-log 1.3.6, 2 months ago2015-Apr-16logging library for D.
onyx-serial 0.5.0, 2 years ago2015-Nov-19Serial port interface by D
opencl 1.1.4, 9 months ago2014-Dec-09D binding for OpenCL cl.h
opengl 1.0.0, 9 months ago2017-May-31Dynamic & Static OpenGL bindings with documentation generated from the spec using ogl_gen
openldap 0.0.2, 3 years ago2015-Dec-26openldap minimal binding
openmethods 1.0.0, 5 months ago2017-Jul-19fast, open multi-methods for D
opensc 0.15.14, 5 months ago2016-Feb-23Deimos-like binding to libopensc (reduced extend required by external modules [driver/SM])
openssl 1.1.6+1.0.1g, 3 months ago2013-Apr-27Deimos bindings for the OpenSSL cryptographic library
openweatherd 1.0.0, 8 months ago2017-Jun-22A D library to work with weather information and forecast data provided by Open Weather Map.
openwebif-client-d 0.1.6, 9 months ago2017-Jan-02openwebif interface written in dlang using vibe.d
opus 1.0.0, 8 months ago2016-Aug-13Opus Bindings
orange 1.0.0, 2 years ago2016-Jul-15Orange is a serialization library for the D programming language
orderedmap 0.0.2, 4 years ago2014-Jul-11A simple ordered map implementation.
os1 1.0.1, 2 months ago2017-Dec-10Object System One

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