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Name Last update Registered Description
qui 0.1.2, a month ago2017-Apr-23A Text User Interface library.
quill-d 0.1.4, a year ago2015-Nov-22Simple, unobtrusive data access library for the D programming language.
rainbow 0.0.2, 2 years ago2015-Mar-16A terminal ascii colorizer for D programming language
random-dlib-image 1.0.4, 7 months ago2017-Jan-29The tiny random scribble generator. I, myself, use it for testing.
rationald 0.1.1, a year ago2016-Mar-18A library for rational numbers in D.
rc 0.0.2, a year ago2016-Jun-26Reference counting
rcstring 0.0.6, 12 months ago2015-Aug-20Reference Countered string
rdub 3.0.1, 3 months ago2017-Apr-27RDUB is a front end for DUB, a D language build tool.
readline 0.1.3, 2 months ago2017-Jun-25D bindings to the GNU readline library.
reggae 0.5.17, a month ago2015-Mar-18A build system in D
relationlist 2.1.1, 2 years ago2015-Mar-17A list with parent and child relationships
remarkify 0.0.1, 3 months ago2017-Jun-14Combines Markdown files for RemarkJS
repl 0.0.1, a year ago2016-Feb-24read-eval-print-loop
requests 0.5.3, 11 days ago2016-Apr-16http/ftp client library, inspired by python-requests
resusage 0.2.7, 2 months ago2015-Jun-08Virtual memory, RAM, CPU usage by system or process
retrograde 0.0.0, 19 days ago2017-Sep-04The Retrograde Game Engine
reurl 0.0.2, a year ago2016-Feb-17A simple URL parsing library with support for combining URLs, including partial URLs
riffedit 0.0.0, 10 months ago2016-Nov-26A D Library for creating, reading, and editing RIFF files.
rip 0.0.4, 8 months ago2016-May-05Raster and Image processor
rmathd 0.0.3, a month ago2017-Aug-03D translation of the Rmath module from R 3.4.1

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