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Name Last update Registered Description
pgc 0.1.2, 5 months ago2017-Feb-06Proleptic Gregorian calendar.
phabricator-d-api 1.0.2, 14 days ago2017-Mar-18An implementation of the phabricator conduit API for D.
phidget_binding 0.1.0, 11 months ago2017-Mar-13A binding to Phidgets c API
phlogiston 2.0.2, 2 years ago2016-Jul-28Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) assembler / disassembler.
phobos-next 0.2.0, 5 months ago2016-Apr-10Various reusable D code.
phobosx 0.7.3, 3 years ago2013-Jul-15Replacement for std.signals, with more features and less bugs.
pixelperfectengine 0.9.4-alpha, a month ago2017-Jan-20A 2D game engine for retro styled games
pkcs11 2.40.0-alpha.3, 11 months ago2017-Feb-17Twofold (deimos/derelict) binding to PKCS #11 Cryptoki interface
plain 0.1.7, a month ago2015-Aug-13Convert HTML to plain text
plantuml_grammar 0.0.1, 6 months ago2017-Aug-03Grammar for PlantUML diagrams
plot2d 0.1.2, 2 months ago2017-Sep-242d plotting library
plot2kill 0.0.2, 3 years ago2015-Mar-08D plotting library.
plotd 1.0.1-beta, 2 years ago2014-Sep-23Plot streams of data from the command line.
poison 0.2.1, 2 years ago2016-Nov-17The high performance cross-platform desktop/mobile UI engine.
polo 1.0.0, 3 years ago2015-Dec-13Markov chains from the command line.
ponies 0.0.3, 25 days ago2018-Jan-21Helps you to setup nice projects.
poodinis 8.0.1, 6 months ago2014-Jun-04A dependency injection framework with support for autowiring.
poodinis-proper-d-injector 0.1.0, 2 years ago2016-Dec-26A proper-d-based value injector for Poodinis.
portaudio 1.0.2, a year ago2016-May-31Deimos bindings for portaudio.
post-rock 1.0.1, 4 years ago2014-Feb-04A command-line argument parser.

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