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Name Last update Score Registered Description
punycode 0.1.0, 4 years ago 0.42014-Aug-18Punycode converter
dbc 1.0.12, a day ago 0.42017-Jul-15Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB driver
vest-dini ~master, 22 days ago 0.42018-May-04 Dlang ini-configs
vest 0.0.2, 26 days ago 0.42018-Apr-30Dlang tools
tau 1.0.1, 17 days ago 0.42014-Dec-21The mathematical constant tau.
bancho-irc 0.4.1, 5 days ago 0.32018-Feb-17osu! IRC & multiplayer lobby management library using vibe.d
cgi_d 0.1.4, a year ago 0.32016-Oct-21Utilities for building CGI applications in D
coverd 1.0.0, 2 years ago 0.32016-Jun-13Code coverage HTML reporter for language D listings
deadbeef 1.9.1, a month ago 0.32018-Jan-20Dlang bindings to DeaDBeeF plugin API
fontconfig 1.1.0, a year ago 0.32017-May-09fontconfig bindings
deslog 0.3.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-May-30D Extended Set Logging System
credexil 0.9.2, 10 months ago 0.32017-Jul-17Keep database credentials outside the sourcecode
mutils 0.0.2, 5 months ago 0.32017-Jul-11Marvelous utilities for everything and nothing
libogg 1.0.0+18044, 2 years ago 0.32016-Jan-24Deimos Bindings for libogg.
selflinoin 0.0.2, 3 years ago 0.32015-Apr-22A tiny helper to write a compilation error message as well as dmd
freeimage 1.0.1+3.16.0, 4 years ago 0.32014-Jun-24Binding for the FreeImage graphics library.
libvorbis 1.0.0+17021, 2 years ago 0.32016-Jan-24Deimos Bindings for libvorbis.
mongo 0.0.1, 2 months ago 0.32018-Mar-30A minimal D application.
unecht 0.1.0, 3 years ago 0.32015-Apr-16Game Engine Framework for the D programming language.
nanogui 0.0.5, 23 days ago 0.32018-Apr-21Port of nanogui to dlang.

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