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Name Last update Score Registered Description
rdub 3.0.1, a year ago 0.02017-Apr-27RDUB is a front end for DUB, a D language build tool.
roaring 0.1.8, 5 months ago 0.02018-Apr-08Roaring Bitmaps for D
distssh 1.0.0, 5 months ago 0.02018-Apr-11Distributed load balance over SSH
socket-msg-queue 1.0.0, 6 months ago 0.02018-Mar-27Breaks a TCP socket stream into messages easy to deal with messages.
gl-with-types 1.0.0-alpha.3, 4 months ago 0.02018-Apr-16Wraps gl with a nice objects.
erupted_v2 1.1.71, 6 months ago 0.02018-Mar-26Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
spirv_cross 0.1.0, 6 months ago 0.02018-Mar-26Bindings to Khronos' SPIRV-Cross
ddsv 0.7.0, 6 months ago 0.02018-Mar-24A toy delimiter separated text parser
dlogger 0.0.1, 6 months ago 0.02018-Mar-21A simple logger, to log messages.
stemmer 0.1.0, 6 months ago 0.02018-Mar-21A stemmer library for D programming language
grimoire 0.0.2, 8 days ago 0.02018-Apr-25Grimoire Scripting Language
indexed-relation 0.0.1, 7 months ago 0.02018-Feb-23In-memory indexed relations
minivariant 1.0.1, a month ago 0.02018-May-03A minimal D library to expose a minimalistic tagged union
civge ~master, 4 years ago 0.02014-Mar-113D game engine
epub 1.1.0, 5 months ago 0.02017-Apr-27An epub generator
pubg-d 0.8.4, 4 months ago 0.02018-May-08D interface for the PUBG api.
polar-rect-math 1.0.0-beta.1, 4 months ago 0.02018-May-09Polar Rect math and conversion library.
ponies 0.0.4, 4 months ago 0.02018-Jan-21Helps you to setup nice projects.
pterm 0.0.1, 8 months ago 0.02018-Jan-11A terminal display server
aurorafw 0.0.1-alpha.2, 2 months ago 0.02018-May-12A Powerful General Purpose Framework

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