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Name Last update Score Registered Description
hunt-http 0.1.4, 19 hours ago 1.12018-Jul-18http module for hunt.
vayne 0.0.45, 2 months ago 1.12016-Jun-25Mustache-inspired template compiler and interpreter for D
d2dgame 3.0.0-beta.1, 4 days ago 1.12015-Apr-18D 2D Game-Engine
mondo 1.1.9, 8 months ago 1.12016-Mar-21MongoDB library for D
duktape 0.4.0, 5 months ago 1.12015-Nov-15D binding to Duktape, an embeddable Javascript engine, with a focus on portability and compact foo…
zstd 0.2.0, 3 years ago 1.12016-Sep-04D binding for Zstandard
button 0.1.3, 4 months ago 1.12016-May-30A build system that aims to be correct, scalable, and robust.
nwn-lib-d 0.0.4, 6 months ago 1.12018-Jun-26Library & tooling for Neverwinter Nights 2 resource files
hunt-validation 0.0.5, 16 hours ago 1.12018-Dec-18A data validation library for Hunt.
superstruct 0.2.0, 4 years ago 1.12015-Oct-18A superclass for value types.

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