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Name Last update Score Registered Description
uim-core 19.4.23, 2 hours ago 0.12019-Apr-26Core D Library
graphqld 0.8.0, 2 hours ago 1.42019-Feb-25A library to handle the GraphQL Protocol
nullablestore 2.0.0, 2 hours ago 0.32019-Mar-29A Nullable that does not actually much
money 2.3.1, 15 hours ago 3.62016-Apr-30A money data type, for easy and safe handling of currency amounts
riverd-lua 1.0.2, 16 hours ago 0.72019-Feb-15Dynamic and static D bindings for Lua scripting language library
kameloso 1.1.0, 16 hours ago 0.32018-Jan-02IRC bot
boilerplate 1.4.5, 20 hours ago 1.92018-Oct-10D boilerplate code generator
dauth 0.6.4, a day ago 2.42014-Apr-06Authentication utility for systems based on salted password hashes.
ddeps 1.0.0, a day ago 0.52019-Apr-24Source review support tool.
supervised 0.2.1, a day ago 0.72018-Jan-01A process control system.
dpp 0.1.17, a day ago 2.92018-Apr-09Include C/C++ headers directly in D files
libclang 0.1.4, a day ago 1.82018-Mar-07libclang bindings / wrappers for D
crypto 0.2.0, a day ago 2.02018-May-30A D Library of encrypto, decrypto(3DES, AES, TEA, RSA...), encode, hash, and message digital signa…
mir-algorithm 3.4.2, 2 days ago 4.92017-Jan-05Mir Algorithm Collection
vibe-auth 0.6.0, 2 days ago 2.02017-Mar-15OAuth2 server for vibe.d
mir-core 0.3.4, 2 days ago 4.42018-Oct-06Base software building blocks and conventions
handlebars 0.2.1, 2 days ago 0.12019-Apr-14A template library compatible with handlebars.js
mood 0.1.2, 3 days ago 0.52019-Apr-17PHP-like webpages with vibe.d.
dpmatch 0.0.11, 3 days ago 0.22019-Apr-20Pattern Matching for D
workspace-d 3.4.0-pre5, 4 days ago 2.52017-Jan-21Provides functions for IDEs for managing DCD, Dscanner and Dfmt. Usable as application and library
dadt 0.0.61, 4 days ago 0.52018-Jul-25Algebraic Data Type For D
bindbc-freetype 0.4.2, 4 days ago 0.22019-Mar-29Dynamic and static bindings to FreeType, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
dls 0.25.3, 5 days ago 3.82018-Mar-21D Language Server
hunt-snapshot-0_10_7 0.10.7, 5 days ago 0.02019-Apr-20A high performance full-stack Web framework (A snapshot of the old version 0.10.7).
mir-lapack 1.1.0, 5 days ago 4.12017-May-26ndslice wrapper for LAPACK
bindbc-glfw 0.5.0, 5 days ago 1.72018-Oct-18Dynamic and static bindings to GLFW3, compatible with -betterC, @nogc, and nothrow.
async 0.1.22, 6 days ago 1.82018-May-06A cross-platform event loop library of asynchroneous network sockets.
ice 0.2.25, 6 days ago 1.12017-Aug-19NAT, stun, turn and ice.
buffer 0.2.14, 6 days ago 1.92017-Oct-17A protocol buffer & RPC library
excel-d 0.5.2, 7 days ago 1.92017-Mar-20Excel bindings for D
dstep 1.0.0, 7 days ago 2.22014-Jan-21A tool for translating C and Objective-C headers to D modules
hunt-entity 2.3.4, 7 days ago 2.62018-Aug-28Entity is an object-relational mapping tool for the D programming language. Referring to the desig…
hunt 1.2.0-rc.7, 7 days ago 3.62016-May-12A refined core library for D programming language.
erupted 2.0.28+v1.1.107, 7 days ago 1.82016-May-13Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
vibe-d-postgresql 2.0.3, 7 days ago 3.62016-Feb-15PostgreSQL support for Vibe.d
asdf 0.4.6, 8 days ago 4.22016-May-02Fast, Expressive, and Easy to use JSON Serialization Library with optional SSE4 Optimization.
dbc 1.1.11, 8 days ago 1.02017-Jul-15Lightweight native MySQL/MariaDB driver
dmarkdown 0.3.0, 8 days ago 4.02014-Dec-24Markdown to HTML processor
evael 0.0.1, 8 days ago 0.62019-Apr-18Small game engine written in D.
ddash 0.15.1, 8 days ago 0.12018-Sep-27Utility library for D
nanomsg-wrapper 0.5.3, 8 days ago 1.92017-Feb-06Nanomsg wrappers for the D Programming Language.
dub 1.15.0-beta.1, 9 days ago 4.92013-Jan-14Package manager for D packages
taggedalgebraic 0.11.4, 10 days ago 3.72015-Aug-13A "tagged union" implementation with transparent operator forwarding.
d-speech 0.0.1, 10 days ago 0.42019-Apr-16speech processing toolkit for D
numir 2.0.2, 10 days ago 2.42017-Mar-04numpy-like API wrappers of mir
hunt-database 1.2.0-rc.1, 10 days ago 3.22018-Aug-28Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite.
hunt-sql 1.1.0-beta.5, 10 days ago 2.22018-Oct-17SQL parser and generate library for PostgreSQL / MySQL / SQLite and more.
mp3decoder 1.0.0, 10 days ago 0.42019-Apr-15mp3 decoder written in D. based on minimp3.
ae 0.0.2389, 10 days ago 2.62014-Nov-19CyberShadow's ArmageddonEngine utilites for almost everything
hunt-time 1.0.0-beta.4, 11 days ago 0.52019-Apr-10A time library for D programming language.

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