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Name Last update Score Registered Description
tinyredis_util 0.2.0, 28 days ago 0.52019-Apr-10Low level utility functionality
kameloso 1.1.4, 28 days ago 0.52018-Jan-02IRC bot
grimoire 0.0.9, 29 days ago 0.42018-Apr-25Grimoire Scripting Language
log 0.4.1, 29 days ago 1.32014-Jul-12Simple Logging for D
fastjwt 1.1.1, 30 days ago 0.22017-Feb-03A Simple and fast D implementation of JSON Web Tokens
vectorflow 1.0.1, 31 days ago 2.62017-Aug-02Minimalist neural network library for sparse data
sspi-d 0.2.3, 31 days ago 2.12019-May-04SSPI Windows Authentication Library
vibed-rest-axios 0.1.0, 32 days ago 0.52019-May-19Generator of Rest API JS ES6 client with Axios for Vibe.d
vibe-d 0.8.6-alpha.2, 32 days ago 5.02013-Jan-17Event driven web and concurrency framework
paper_plane_bot 0.0.6, 33 days ago 0.22018-Apr-21Telegram Dlang news notify bot

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