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Name Last update Score Registered Description
libddoc 0.7.1, 5 days ago 4.22015-Mar-30D implementation of the DDoc macro system
libdparse 0.13.2, 5 days ago 4.82014-Sep-04Library for lexing and parsing D source code
dinorun 0.1.1, 5 days ago 0.32019-Dec-22A simple terminal game
novelate 0.0.4, 5 days ago 1.22020-Jan-22A flexible and dynamic visual novel engine using D and SFML (DSFML).
draygui 0.1.0, 5 days ago 0.42020-Jan-23raygui porting for D
erupted 2.0.51+v1.2.131, 5 days ago 3.22016-May-13Auto-generated D bindings for Vulkan
vectorflow 1.0.2, 7 days ago 2.62017-Aug-02Minimalist neural network library for sparse data
cucumber-d 0.6.0, 7 days ago 0.22019-Dec-23Cucumber for D.
boilerplate 1.5.9, 7 days ago 2.12018-Oct-10D boilerplate code generator
urllibparse 0.1.0, 8 days ago 1.82020-Jan-21Translation of Python's urllib.parse for parsing and manipulating URLs
grimoire 0.2.4, 8 days ago 0.42018-Apr-25Grimoire Scripting Language
perfect-hash 0.7.0, 8 days ago 0.42020-Jan-15Library to create perfect hash function
dmocks 2.0.7, 9 days ago 2.02018-Feb-13A mocking framework for the D programming language
navm 0.2.0, 9 days ago 0.92019-Dec-24A simple VM intended to be used in scripting languages
dplug 9.1.8, 10 days ago 3.82013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.
elf-d 0.2.5, 10 days ago 1.92014-Aug-02A library to introspect elf binaries
nuklearbrowser 0.0.1, 10 days ago 0.32020-Jan-18A file browser for Nuklear GUI library
jumped 0.2.1, 10 days ago 0.42020-Jan-06An Inversion of Control framework for D, similar to Spring
hunt-framework 2.2.8, 11 days ago 3.22018-Aug-28A high performance full-stack Web framework.
undead 1.1.0, 11 days ago 2.42014-Dec-01Obsolete Phobos modules, back from the dead

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