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Name Last update Score Registered Description
oswald 0.8.4, 3 months ago 1.02017-Aug-05OS Window Abstraction Library in D
pegged 0.4.3, 3 months ago 4.72013-Mar-08Parsing Expression Grammar (PEG) generator
toml 1.0.0-rc.2, 3 months ago 1.52017-Jun-08D implementation of TOML
openmethods 1.1.0, 3 months ago 2.42017-Jul-19fast, open multi-methods for D
ffmpeg-d 3.1.1, 3 months ago 1.62014-Dec-09FFmpeg Bindings
my-ip 0.2.0, 3 months ago 2.22018-Feb-02Get your private and public ip addresses
libdmathexpr 1.1.1, 3 months ago 1.12013-Nov-20A D2 multivariate equation parser and evaluator
cblas 2.0.1, 3 months ago 3.92014-Sep-22D BLAS header
dcv 0.2.3, 3 months ago 2.22016-Aug-14Computer vision library for D programming language.
mir-cpuid 0.5.3, 3 months ago 1.62016-Oct-14CPU characteristics identification

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