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navm 0.2.0, 7 days ago 0.92019-Dec-24A simple VM intended to be used in scripting languages
dplug 9.1.8, 8 days ago 3.82013-Nov-15A library for crafting native audio plugins as simply as possible.
elf-d 0.2.5, 8 days ago 1.92014-Aug-02A library to introspect elf binaries
nuklearbrowser 0.0.1, 8 days ago 0.32020-Jan-18A file browser for Nuklear GUI library
jumped 0.2.1, 8 days ago 0.42020-Jan-06An Inversion of Control framework for D, similar to Spring
hunt-framework 2.2.8, 9 days ago 3.22018-Aug-28A high performance full-stack Web framework.
undead 1.1.0, 9 days ago 2.42014-Dec-01Obsolete Phobos modules, back from the dead
hunt-redis 1.1.1, 9 days ago 2.02019-Jul-23A redis client library for D.
hunt-database 2.0.2, 9 days ago 3.12018-Aug-28Database abstraction layer for D programing language, support PostgreSQL / MySQL.
hunt 1.4.4, 9 days ago 3.42016-May-12A refined core library for D programming language.

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