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Name Last update Score Registered Description
wayland 0.2.0, 11 days ago 2.02018-Jan-18Wayland bindings for D
mediainfo-d 0.0.1, 11 days ago 0.42019-Jan-06D language bindings for then libmediainfo library.
codebuilder 1.1.0, 11 days ago 0.82016-May-10Provides management of constructing code strings and inserts file line information to improve debu…
ddsp 1.8.0, 11 days ago 0.82017-Aug-26A small library for digital signal processing in D
kameloso 1.0.0-rc.5, 12 days ago 0.52018-Jan-02IRC bot in D
dcnum 0.0.4, 12 days ago 0.32019-Jan-04dc like multiprecision number using std.bigint
workspace-d 3.4.0-pre1, 13 days ago 2.72017-Jan-21Provides functions for IDEs for managing DCD, Dscanner and Dfmt. Usable as application and library
bindbc-zstandard 0.1.0, 13 days ago 0.62019-Jan-02Configurable dynamic and static binding to Facebook's zstandard compression library.
dimage 0.2.0-alpha, 13 days ago 0.52018-Dec-17Image file handling for D
webidl-grammar 0.0.6, 13 days ago 0.42019-Jan-04WebIDL grammar using pegged.

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