d2sqlite3 0.16.0

A thin wrapper around SQLite 3

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



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This is a small wrapper around SQLite for the D programming language. It wraps the C API in an idiomatic manner and handles built-in D types and Nullable!T automatically.


Online documentation

dub configurations

  • `with-lib` (the default): assumes that SQLite is already installed and available to the linker. Set the right path for the SQLite library in your project's dub.json file using the lflags setting:

    "lflags": ["-L/path/to/lib"]
  • `without-lib`: you manage linking SQLite yourself.

  • `all-included`: on Windows, use a prebuilt SQLite DLL (bundled with this library); on Posix systems, builds SQLite from the source amalgamation (bundled with this library), using the default building configuration with these options defined:



Set the right configuration for you project in its dub.json file using the subConfigurations setting, e.g.:

    "subConfigurations": {
        "d2sqlite3": "all-included"

Library versions

These versions can be used to build the library:

  • SqliteEnableColumnMetadata: to enable corresponding special methods of Row.
  • SqliteEnableUnlockNotify: to enable SQLite's builtin unlock notification mechanism.
  • SqliteFakeUnlockNotify: to emulate an unlock notification mechanism.

C binding generation

The D binding file sqlite3.d is generated from the C header file sqlite3.h, using jacob-carlborg/dstep. I try to keep it up to date.

Nicolas Sicard, Other contributors: see Github repo
System dependencies:
SQLite version >= 3.8.7
0.16.0 2017-Nov-25
0.15.0 2017-Nov-13
0.14.0 2017-Nov-01
0.13.1 2017-May-21
0.13.0 2017-Apr-02
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