datetimeformat 0.1.0

A DateTime formatting library for D

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



A DateTime formatting library for D

#Sample Usage

import datetimeformat;
import std.stdio;
import datetime;

void main()
    SysTime dt = SysTime(DateTime(2005, 9, 8, 16, 51, 9), dur!"msecs"(427));
    writeln(dt.format("yyyy-mm-dd HH:ii:ss.FFF")); //"2005-09-08 16:51:09.427"


This is based on Stewart's Utility Library datetime and datetimeformat.

It has been adapated to use Phobo's DateTime object instead of SUL's datetime, removing a dependency.

Notably missing in this version is the ability to have and utilize "collapsable" tags.

Authors:Chris Mays

Dependencies: none

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