dcpu16-emulator 0.2.0

DCPU-16 emulator written completely in D

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


DCPU-16 emulator


Alpha stage

Anchovy is used for GUI.

Already works:

  • emulator
  • disassembler
  • memory view
  • registers view
  • execution by step
  • reverse debugging
  • CPU speed editing
  • Statistics of execution (outputted in console)
  • Collapsing of zero lines in memory view

Devices implemented:

  • generic clock
  • generic keyboard
  • LEM1802 monitor
  • M35FD floppy drive

Planned features:

  • assembler (0xSCA compatible)
  • non-standart devices
  • workspaces

Emulator is still buggy, but most of programs already works. Enhancement propositions, pull requests and bug reports are highly appreciated.


Build derendencies:

dub fetch anchovy --version=0.6.2
dub build anchovy

After that you can use command to build emulator:

dub build --nodeps

this will prevent dub from pulling all the versions of anchovy.

Authors:Andrey Penechko


0.2.0 2014-Jun-26
~master 2014-Jun-26
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