derelict-sass 2.0.0

Dynamic bindings to libsass.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



A dynamic binding to libsass for the D Programming Language (unofficial).

For information on how to build DerelictSASS and link it with your programs, please see the post Using Derelict at the The One With D.

Building libsass

Clone libsass from it repository:

$ git clone git://

Then make it as shared library.

$ make BUILD=shared

In the end you can install library:

$ make install BUILD=shared

Using DerelictSASS

For more information you can check libsass and sassc projects.

import derelict.sass.sass;

void main ()
    // Load libsass library
    DerelictSass.load ();
    // Now libsass functions can be called
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