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Diskuto - an embeddable comment system

Diskuto is a lightweight embeddable comment system made for integration in existing websites. Its features include:

  • Tree structured replies
  • No user registration required
  • Comments can be edited/deleted by their author for a few minutes
  • Supports user voting to keep the best replies at the top
  • New messages stay at the top for a while to ensure visibility
  • Integrates antispam for spam protection
  • Generic backend support (currently support for MongoDB is implemented)
  • Dynamic UI for replying, editing and deleting comments with JavaScript enabled
  • Minimum functionality also works with JavaScript disabled
  • Adjusts to the enclosing page's font family, color and size
  • JavaScript based integration into any website
  • Direct integration into vibe.d sites for the fastest load times possible

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  • Sönke Ludwig
vibe-d:web, antispam, vibe-d:mongodb, diet-ng, fuzzydate
1.6.1 2018-Jan-19
1.6.0 2017-Sep-28
1.5.1 2017-Jul-11
1.5.0 2017-Mar-18
1.4.1 2017-Mar-16
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