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discord client library

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dscord is a client library for the Discord chat service, written in D-lang. The core focus of dscord is to provide a clean interface with a highly performant and scalable backing runtime, to support use-cases that contain a large number of user or guilds. Dscord provides both a base client implementation, and various extras that assist in constructing bots out of it. Dscord is still very much a work-in-progress, so beware of sharp edges or missing pieces.


If you're looking for sample code, or example implementations, the following are good places to start:


Dscord is available on dub, and can be easily dropped into new or existing projects.


Documentation is available here.

Authors: Andrei Zbikowski

Dependencies: vibe-d:core, dcad, shaker, vibe-d:http

0.0.10 2017-Mar-17
0.0.9 2016-Sep-16
0.0.8 2016-Aug-17
0.0.7 2016-Aug-13
0.0.6 2016-Jul-25
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