duod 1.2.1

Duo asset management integration.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



By combining the powers of Duo and D's templates, DuoD provides a simple method to integrate the construction of frontend web resources with ease.

Duo allows you to write simple front end requirement files that pull in their dependencies when constructed. Combined with D's awesome templating, these assets can be constructed and utilized anywhere in your code or even in a Vibe.d diet template!.


Once DuoD is imported (import duod;) you can setup an asset to be built when the --duod-build switch is given to your application:


Or if you would like the outputed asset to be minified with Yuglify:


But what is really fun is using the above command in a diet template with a mixin.

    - mixin(Require!"assets/index.css");

This is all that is required to provide the same build functionality as well as placing the HTML to use the asset in the rendered template output!


Please see the examples directory of the repository for a usage example.

Authors:Taylor "Nekroze" Lawson <tlawson@nekroze.com>


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