easymeshed 0.0.5

D implementation of easyMesh

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



This is a client for an easyMesh. It is able to connect to node in the mesh and receive and send message from and to the mesh. You will need to connect to the mesh from within the OS and then point this library to the relevant ip (gateway of the node). There is a simple example that logs all the messages in the examples sub directory

dub -c log -b release

Authors: Edwin van Leeuwen

Dependencies: vibe-d:core

0.0.5 2016-Nov-17
0.0.3 2016-Nov-01
0.0.2 2016-Nov-01
0.0.1 2016-Oct-20
~master 2016-Nov-17
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