es6-grammar 0.9.3

ECMAScript 6 + JSX PEGGED Grammar

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ES6 Grammar

This library contains an ECMAScript6 + JSX Parser written in D.

The Parser is generated using Pegged.


The idea is to write a ES6 -> ES5 transpiler, a linter and a minifier on top of it.

Regenerating the Parser

The package has a pre-build parser, but in case you want to fork and modify, the complete grammar can be found in the source/es6/grammar-generator.d file. Run dub --config=generate to generate the source/es6/grammar.d file.

Authors: Bas

Dependencies: pegged

0.9.3 2016-Apr-24
0.9.2 2016-Mar-30
0.9.1 2016-Mar-30
0.9.0 2016-Mar-04
0.8.0 2016-Feb-27
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