formoshlep 0.0.2

Dlangui web backend platform

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



Vaadin-like dlangui web platform

Current state

This project is in "proof of concept" state. Supported only Button actions. JavaScript isn't used and isn't need to be enabled in browser.

This picture shows currently supported widgets: Currently supported widgets


Briefly: it is need to add import formoshlep; line into your code and fill out HTTP server settings. Your existing code should work as usual, but see section "Current state" for current disadvantages.

For more information see example/.

Running example

$ dub fetch formoshlep
$ dub run formoshlep:example

Then open

Denis Feklushkin
Sub packages:
formoshlep:example, formoshlep:example-desktop
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