gfm:opengl 7.0.0

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Daniele Bondi / maeriden: Euler angles fix, Francesco Cattoglio: OpenGL wrapper improvements, John D. Cook: original SimpleRNG author, Steven Dwy / Yoplitein: sdl_mixer wrapper, documentation improvements, Daniel Cousens / RommelVR: GL fix, Gerbrand Kamphuis / vuaru: many fixes, Kyle Hunter / Kelet: ENet wrapper, Sam Hocevar: original author of some bits of code, Guillaume Piolat / ponce: main author of GFM, Ryan Roden-Corrent / rcorre: math package improvements, Tanel Tagaväli / clinei: SDL audio wrapper, H. S. Teoh / quickfur: wideint improvements
gfm:math, derelict-gl3
7.0.0 2017-Dec-25
6.2.13 2017-Dec-04
6.2.12 2017-Oct-15
6.2.11 2017-Oct-15
6.2.10 2017-Jun-15
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