gfx ~reborn

D graphics rendering library

To use this package, run the following command in your project's root directory:

This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

gfx:bindings - Raw bindings to Gfx APIs

gfx:genmesh - Mesh generation routines

gfx:math - Maths for Gfx-d

gfx:window - Window utility for Gfx-d

gfx:swapchain - gfx-d swapchain example

gfx:triangle - gfx-d triangle example

gfx:texture - gfx-d texture example

gfx:depth - gfx-d depth example

gfx:stencil - gfx-d stencil example

gfx:shadow - gfx-d shadow example

gfx:declapi - gfx-d declapi example

  • Rémi Thebault
Sub packages:
gfx:bindings, gfx:genmesh, gfx:math, gfx:window, gfx:swapchain, gfx:triangle, gfx:texture, gfx:depth, gfx:stencil, gfx:shadow, gfx:declapi
sdlang-d, gfx:bindings, spirv_cross
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0.1.0 2018-Dec-16
~master 2019-Sep-15
~secondary_buffers 2019-Aug-13
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