hll-d 0.2.0

HyperLogLog++: Cardinality estimationn

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


Complete HyperLogLog++ Implementation

Written in D to use in C and other languages.

import hll;
// creates HLL++ counter with maximal allowed precision (18)
auto counter = HLL(18); // allocated size is less or equal to 2 ^^ (18 - 3) * 6 / 1024 = 192 KB

/// loop
  // or

ulong count = counter.count;

Building the library with C API

BetterC mode allows to use D libraries without DRuntime and Phobos.

hll-d has C API. C/C++ headers can be found at the include/ directory.

Install LDC
  1. Install LDC (LLVM D Compiler).
  2. Install DUB package manager if it was not installed with LDC.
git clone https://github.com/tamediadigital/hll-d
cd hll-d
dub build --build=betterC --config=static --compiler=ldc2 --force
gcc examples/example.c -Iinclude libhll-d.a
./a.out < examples/input.txt

Authors: Ilya Yaroshenko

Dependencies: mir-algorithm, mir-random, lincount, mir-math

0.2.0 2017-Mar-07
0.1.3 2017-Feb-27
0.1.2 2017-Feb-25
0.1.1 2017-Feb-25
0.1.0 2017-Feb-25
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