ircbod2 0.1.6

IRC Bot library for the D programming language.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


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This library is mostly a refreshed version of this project. It allows to easily write IRC bots in D and without any dependency.

ircbod2 is licensed under BSD-3 clauses license (see LICENSE file).

The IRCSocket class was ported from: the Ruby IRCSocket library.

Build example

cd examples
rdmd -I../source/ hello_bot.d

Then go to #ircbod on freenode to speak to your bot.

The project can be build as a static library but as shown by the example it's not necessary.

Christopher Bertels, Basile Burg
0.1.6 2017-Nov-09
0.1.5 2017-Nov-08
0.1.4 2017-Nov-07
~master 2017-Nov-09
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