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GUI framework based on Cairo

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Kheops is an attempt to create a vectorial GUI framework, based on Cairo and written in D. It's also a test ground for the iz library to the extent that Kheops helps much to detect bugs or errors that don't happen in D unittests.


Only linux is suported. The development version of x11, cairo and freetype must be setup (they are statically linked).

  • DUB CLI:
  • dub build
  • as examples, most of the runnables includes a SDL receipt so that they can be launched with dub <fname.d>
  • Coedit:
  • opens the dub.json as a project, compiles the project and register it in the library manager.
  • the examples can only be run with Run DUB single file package, unless the other dependencies (imagesformats, x11 and iz) are registered in the libman.

How it looks


  • [ ] serialization: the iz serializer must be finished.
  • [ ] plenty of X lib related things (clipboard, proper keyboard handling, etc.)
  • [ ] menus: essential step so that a visual designer can be implemented.
  • [ ] controls: button, labels, listview, etc.
  • [ ] styles: they rely on the three previous steps.
  • [ ] Windows port: development with static libraries is so much easier on Linux !
  • Basile Burg
x11, iz, imageformats
0.2.3 2017-Nov-17
0.2.2 2016-Nov-05
0.2.1 2016-Sep-05
0.2.0 2016-Jun-11
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