libpng 1.6.16

D bindings to libpng.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



D bindings to libpng.

Seems suitable for inclusion into the larger set of bindings offered by the Deimos project.

These bindings were miticulously created by hand, based on the C headers from libpng version 1.6.16 - December 22, 2014.

The repo is following the usual 'dub' structure, but you don't need 'dub' to use it. You can simply copy the libpng folder to your import path.

Authors:Lionello Lunesu, RĂ©mi Thebault

Dependencies: none

1.6.16 2015-Feb-19
1.5.14 2013-Nov-12
~master 2016-Sep-24
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