logd-html 0.3.1

A lightweight D logger that writes to a html for formatted output

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


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logd-html is a lightweight logger which writes to a html file; this allows formatted output and the potential for controls to review specific events, etc. Based on logger originally written by Patrick Monaghan

How to use

Install using dub

dub fetch logd-html

General usage

import logd.log;

void main() {

	// By default will log to file "log.html"

	// Write newline

	// Write to log, valid levels are:
	//	success
	//	event
	//	warning
	//	error
	//	update
	//	user
	Log(Level.event, "Hello world");

	// Log with header tag
	LogTag(Level.user, "h1", "This is a header");	


  • Define config file to customize formatted output (not sure about this, could lead to a bulkier system than I would like)
  • Add some js to interact with log file (e.g. hide particular levels, highlight keywords, etc)
  • Validate allowable tags for LogTag

Authors:Patrick Monaghan, Joshua Hodkinson

Dependencies: none

0.3.1 2016-Sep-03
0.3.0 2016-Sep-03
0.2.1 2016-Aug-28
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0.1.0 2016-Aug-28
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