nanogui 0.0.5

Port of nanogui to dlang.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


What is it? Build Status

D port of nanogui

The port is incomplete - not all widgets are ported, but all ported widgets are fully usable.

There is difference with origin. For example:

  • instead of const references passing by value is used
  • as a color and vector implementation gfm.math is used (in origin eigen used as a vector implementation and own implementation of color type)
  • no locking on glfw, instead two backends are available - arsd.simpledisplay (no external dependencies) and SDL2 (depends on SDL2 library obviously)

Cloning source

The project at the moment uses arsd as a submodule. For cloning please use either

git clone --recursive


git clone
cd nanogui
git submodule update --init


Two examples added:

  • arsd.simpledisplay based, run it using dub --config=arsd
  • SDL2 based, run it using dub --config=sdl
  • drug
gfm:math, arsd-official:nanovega
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