rip 0.0.4

Raster and Image processor

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



RIP is a library for complex image processing.




  • I/O
    • JPEG(based on dlib, only loading)
    • TGA(based on dlib, only loading)
    • BMP(based on dlib, only loading)
    • PNG(based on dlib, loading/saving)
    • simple and convenient intermediate format (PPM P6)
    • PPM(loading/saving)
    • PAM(loading savind)
  • processing
    • grayscale
    • negative
    • operations with bit set
    • colorization
    • rough of pixels
    • order filters(4 filters)
    • linear filters(11 filters)
    • convolution
  • analysis
    • operations with histogram
  • concepts
    • surface (generalized image type)
    • surfaces addition, subtraction, multiplication and other arithmetic operations
    • logical operation with surfaces
    • gamma correction and inverting of image
    • color
    • color arithmetic
    • generation RGBColor from others color formats
    • useful math functions
    • ranges
    • templates
    • channels for working with pixels on channel level
  • draw
    • IFS systems
    • L-systems
    • drawing math funcs
    • drawing primitives
    • turtle
    • another interest graphical procedures
  • transforms(rip.dsp)
    • Haar's
    • Hadamard's
    • Slant's

The most funcs has their analogs for working with ranges.

In plans

  • add more operations for histograms
  • add more drawing funcs
  • add more formats into IO package
  • add 'vision' package for digital vision
  • clean code
  • optimize code
  • write documantation

If you have advices, please, create Issue. You can help us!


ImPureD Team, LightHouse Software

  • Oleg Baharev (aka aquaratixc)
  • Roman Vlasov


Documentaion available only for package "concepts" on site

How to use RIP?

Package in your dub.json:

      "dependencies": {
        "rip": "~>0.0.3"


RIP needs dlib library for loading jpeg/png/bmp/tga files. WARNING: image can be saved ONLY in ppm/pam/png formats.

Authors:Oleg Baharev (aka aquaratixc), Roman Vlasov


0.0.4 2017-Jan-26
0.0.4-2 2017-Jan-27
0.0.3 2016-Jul-05
0.0.2 2016-May-05
0.0.2-2 2016-May-06
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