scod 0.3.1

A nice documentation generator based on ddox.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


scod - documentation generator

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Scod is a clean and lightweight theme for ddox, simply use It as drop-in replacement.

Newer dub versions (>=0.9.25) have a switch to configure the ddox tool. The following configuration tells dub to use scod for documentation generation with dub build --build=ddox.

  • x:ddoxTool "scod" (dub.sdl)
  • "-ddoxTool": "scod" (dub.json)


Authors: Martin Nowak

Dependencies: ddox

0.3.1 2017-Jan-12
0.3.0 2016-Sep-23
0.2.1 2016-Aug-08
0.2.0 2016-Feb-07
0.1.5 2016-Feb-06
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