serve 1.0.1

A simple HTTP server for static files.

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


serve Dub Uses vibe.d

A simple HTTP server for static files.


You can simply use dub to run the tool.

dub fetch serve
dub run serve
dub run serve -- [ARGS]

Or you build the tool and copy/symlink it into your path.

dub fetch serve
dub build serve
sudo mv ~/.dub/packages/serve-1.0.0/serve /usr/local/bin/


  • serve the current working directory

  • serve an html file with it's containing folder and open it in your browser

    serve path/to/index.html
  • serve a folder

    serve path/to/folder
  • use a different port that 8080 (-p|--port)

    serve -p 1234
  • bind a different IP address than using (-b|--bind)

    serve -b
  • run -h|--help to see all options

    serve -h

Authors: Martin Nowak

Dependencies: vibe-d

1.0.1 2016-Jan-03
1.0.0 2015-Mar-22
~master 2016-Jan-03
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