sgio-d 0.0.1

sgio library for Linux and Windows

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sgio.d Build Status

sgio.d is an sgio library written in D to assist with writing low-level scsi device drivers and quick prototyping.


  • Supports sending ioctls on both Windows and Linux (D syntax made this very easy)
  • Inquiries:
    • Standard Inquiry (0x00)
    • Supported VPD Pages VPD (0x00)
    • Unit Serial Number VPD (0x80)
    • Device Identification VPD (0x83)
    • Management Network Address VPD (0x85)
  • Read Commands:
    • ReadCapacity10
    • Read10, Read12, Read16
  • Write Commands:
    • Write10, Write12, Write16
    • Write commands are obviously low-level and are NOT used in the sgio_example demo code

To Build

There are OS-specific makefiles for Windows and Linux, and it is assumed you know how to build on those platforms (linux does need LDLIBRARYPATH so it can find the .so).

sgio_example.d is a sample program that sends a few inquiries (std inquiry, supported VPD, USN, and MNA) and reads the first 512-byte block of a device. I would like to extend this to do something more interesting.

  • Lucas Burson
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