tcmallocd 0.2.2

Typed D allocators that use the GPERF tools thread caching allocators

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:



This DUB package contains the D bindings of the thread caching mallocator functions from the GPERF tools. It also contains typed D allocators, conform with the interface defined in the std.experimental.allocator.

The typed D allocators should rather be used in multi-threaded programs. They can be considered of a higher-level than their D equivalents since internally they use structures similar to what's defined in the building blocks (such as the FreeList).


from the repository
  • clone
  • dub build --build=release --config=lib.
  • if you use Coedit, after compilation from the UI, use the book-link icon to register in the libman, then this library can be used in runnable modules by adding the script line #!runnable-flags: -L-ltcmalloc or in CE projects by adding the library alias libtcmallocd.
from Coedit
  • in the library manager click the DUB icon.
  • type tcmallocd and validate to fetch, compile and auto register.


  • Posix only
  • libtcmalloc must be setup as a static library, this can be done by installing the gperftools development package for your distribution.
  • the module tcmallocd.itf contains the bindings to the C functions.
  • the module tcmallocd.allocator contains typed D allocators.


  • MIT
  • Basile B.
0.2.2 2016-May-23
0.2.1 2016-May-12
0.2.0 2016-Apr-01
0.1.0 2016-Mar-31
~master 2017-Mar-03
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