test_allocator 0.1.1

A test allocator

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


Test Allocator

std.experimental.allocator / std.allocator gives D the tools to allocate memory as needed by the application without having to depend on the D's mark-and-sweep garbage collector. But... how do you know if your code is actually doing what you expect it to? Enter the test allocator in this dub package. Essentially it tracks all allocations made through it and throws in the destructor if there are any leaks.

It also verifies that the client code is trying to free memory that was actually allocated via the allocator.

It's backed by mallocator for even better tracking: that way valgrind and address sanitizer will possibly catch bugs the code in here doesn't.

Atila Neves
0.1.1 2018-Apr-19
0.1.0 2018-Feb-08
0.0.5 2017-Apr-20
0.0.4 2017-Apr-20
0.0.3 2017-Apr-20
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