tinyredis 2.1.1

Redis driver for D.

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Tiny Redis

Redis driver for the D programming language. TinyRedis is fast, simple, intuitive, feature complete, unit-tested, forward compatible, has no dependencies and makes working with Redis trivial.

It supports all of Redis's data types; strings, hashes, lists, sets, sorted sets, bitmaps and hyperloglogs. It also has simple functions for Lua eval, pipelining and transactions.

###Documentation TinyRedis website : http://adilbaig.github.com/Tiny-Redis

###Latest Release Download the latest stable release here : https://github.com/adilbaig/Tiny-Redis/releases

###Change Log See the Changelog

###Bugs and Contributions I'm happy to accept all contributions from anyone using this library. The best way to contribute code or documentation is to fork this repository and send a pull request.

Report bugs by opening a new issue

###Star this project If you use this project, please star it on github. That's a quick acknowledgement for me that you are using it.


Adil Baig <br />Twitter : @aidezigns

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