tree_k_ary 0.0.1

A k-ary tree implementation

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D Language: A k-ary tree implementation

In the past, I liked to use: tree.hh: An STL-like C++ tree class, by Kasper Peeters,,
adapted/fixed/extended for my needs for small scale trees, and boost::graph of course + graphviz.

This is work in progress, an adaption/rewrite of tree.hh++ for the D Language, as a std.graph phobos module is outside the range of vision currently, though among GSOC ideas.
(dlang graph projects existing found but seemingly abandonned:,
(dlang graphviz projects existing found:, )
(dlang tree projects existing found:, Decision tree:, )

TODO: breadthfirstqueuediterator is broken currently, complete C++ -> D transformation. check the design, harmonize the interface/function names with other 'standard' container interfaces out there (like e.g. emsicontainers or ?), extend unittests etc. (documentation), evaluate (de-)serialization

If I've overlooked a nice existing k-ary tree implementation, then please leave a message as issue, thus saving reinventing any work done already, Thanks!

An example of usage is in treekary.d's unittest and later will be within repo 'acos564gui': in-memory storage of card file system information

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