Units and Quantities of Measurement library for D.

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Version0.1.0 (2016-Apr-10)
AuthorsDavid Nadlinger, Per Nordlöw
Registered byPer Nordlöw
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Units and Quantities of Measurement library for D.

This is a modified version of David Nadlinger's original library for working with units of measurement in D.

Task List

  • [x] Use new alias syntax

  • [x] Use new enum syntax

  • [x] Use new template syntax

  • [x] Use UFCS

  • [x] Use AliasSeq inplace of TypeTuple

  • [x] Use std.meta.Repeat instead of RepeatTypeTuple

  • [x] Qualify unittests with, when possible, @safe pure nothrow @nogc

  • [x] Indentations according to Phobos code-standard

  • [ ] Remove need for makeIndexCtfe

  • [ ] Move staticFind and IndexedTuple to std.meta

  • [ ] Replace Curry with std.functional.applyLeft.

  • [ ] Make ScaledUnit with integer precision (such as 10 degrees) work with trigonometric functions in si.d. Currently errors caused by incorrect cast in {Scaled|Affine}Unit.{from|to}Base.

  • [ ] Perhaps add LinearUnit and use it to express mappings between, for instance, Celsius and Fahrenheit.

  • [ ] Refactor GetConversion to do a breadth-first search instead of current depth-first.

  • [ ] Find a way to represent sample rate. Use it to infer FFT-frequencies. Add it either here or to samplerate or sampling.

Original discussion at:$1fnc$

This alternative implementation contains unit expression parsing which might be of interest aswell:

Available versions

0.1.0 ~master