wayland-d 0.0.4

Wayland bindings for D

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

wayland-d:scanner - Wayland protocol scanner

wayland-d:client - D bindings to wayland-client

wayland-d:egl - D bindings to wayland-egl

wayland-d:server - D bindings to wayland-server

wayland-d:cursor - D bindings to wayland-cursor

wayland-d:connect - Wayland connect client example.

wayland-d:list_registry - Wayland list_registry client example.

wayland-d:simple_egl - Wayland simple egl client example.

wayland-d:hello - Wayland hello client example.

wayland-d:compositor - A wayland compositor example.

Authors:Rémi Thebault

Sub packages:wayland-d:scanner, wayland-d:client, wayland-d:egl, wayland-d:server, wayland-d:cursor, wayland-d:connect, wayland-d:list_registry, wayland-d:simple_egl, wayland-d:hello, wayland-d:compositor

Dependencies: none

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0.0.1 2017-Feb-11
~master 2017-Mar-25
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