x11 1.0.16

Bindings to X11 for the D programming language

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#X11 Bindings to X11 for the D programming language

This repository is a clone of the Deimos X11 repository. I've purposely not forked because the overall structure has been changed to suit the dub build tool. Hopefully this is a temporary measure until the entirety of Deimos is moved to dub.

Supported platforms

These bindings have been developed with the latest DMD compiler. Other compilers have not been tested but should build fine.


Should build just fine.


Support for Mac OSX is deprecated as x11 is no longer officially supported. You can still try and use these bindings with XQuartz installed but you're on your own.


Not supported.

Authors:Walter Bright

Dependencies: none

1.0.16 2016-Oct-18
1.0.15 2016-Aug-01
1.0.14 2016-Apr-06
1.0.13 2016-Feb-05
1.0.12 2016-Feb-02
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