xdgpaths 0.2.4

XDG Base Directory Specification implementation

To use this package, put the following dependency into your project's dependencies section:


This package provides sub packages which can be used individually:

xdgpaths:test - A minimal D application.

XDG paths

D library for retrieving XDG base directories as described by XDG Base Directory Specification.

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Run example

export XDG_CONFIG_HOME=$HOME/config-test
dub run :test -- --path=config --shouldCreate --subfolder=Company/Product

export XDG_DATA_HOME=$HOME/data-test
dub run :test -- --path=data --shouldCreate --subfolder=Company/Product

export XDG_CACHE_HOME=$HOME/cache-test
dub run :test-- --path=cache --shouldCreate --subfolder=Company/Product

Authors: Roman Chistokhodov

Sub packages: xdgpaths:test

Dependencies: isfreedesktop

0.2.4 2017-Jun-27
0.2.3 2016-Sep-27
0.2.2 2016-Jun-21
0.2.1 2016-Mar-30
0.2.0 2016-Mar-30
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